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You've earned the points, now enjoy them. Choose cash or gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants. Cash in often, or save for something like travel, electronics and more. You'll also find a great selection of merchandise from outdoor gear to jewelry!

You can also enhance your redemption experience by signing up for the following features on the PNC points web site.

  • Deal of the Week – Receive an email every Wednesday with a special offer. Don't miss this deal — it's only available for 24 hours!
  • Auto Redemption – If you have a reward you want to receive again and again, you can have it sent to you as soon as your points reach the right level.
  • Wish List – As you browse rewards, keep track of the ones you like for redemption later. You can have up to 25 items on your Wish List at one time.

Popular redemption items

  • Travel Booking
    Varies based on points

  • $5 Starbucks Card
    3,500 points

  • Visa
    $15 Cash Value Award

    7,500 points

  • Kohl's $25 Gift Card
    10,500 points

  • Visa
    $100 Cash Value Award

    50,000 points

  • $25 Target Gift Card
    11,500 points

  • $50 Apple Gift Card
    23,000 points

  • $100 Gift Card
    40,000 points

  • Visa
    $4 Cash Value Award

    3,000 points

  • Darden Restaurants®
    $10 Gift Card

    5,500 points

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