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Each of these clients had different needs. Yet all wanted the same thing: optimum funding to accelerate their business achievement.

Welcome to the web site of PNC Business Credit in Canada, the asset based lending specialists at PNC Bank Canada Branch.

At PNC Business Credit, we are far more than a lender. We're with you for the long term. Unlocking the combined assets of your business. Providing you with the optimum level of working capital. Giving you the confidence you need to succeed through the power of asset based lending.

We're committed to helping our customers reach their most challenging business goals. We want to understand every detail of your situation. And be there for your funding needs. When you need to get deals done, contact PNC Business Credit.

We have the right solution for your business:

Asset based lending can provide a significant initial injection of cash and can support your business on an on-going basis as it grows.

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Asset based lending is used increasingly to finance acquisitions – even the assets of the company being acquired can be taken into account.

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Asset based lending typically delivers an initial injection of cash into the business plus revolving credit facilities to stabilize and turn the business around.

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Increasingly, business owners are seeking flexible asset based lending solutions to refinance existing facilities and maximize working capital.

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